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Blessed Crownes



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Our styles our thigh beads and connectors are matching styles of some of our waist beads (so that you can put together a full set). We are not allowing custom orders and colors for thigh beads, connectors or waist beads at this time.

Thigh beads come on strand of beads and embellishments, tied on a stretch cord.

Connecter piece come with a lobster clasp on both sides, so that you can connect it to your waist bead and then connect your thigh bead.

When purchasing a thigh bead or connector from BLESSEDCROWNES, please be sure to measure your parts of your body correctly! THESE ITEMS ARE CUSOM MAD, MADE TO FIT YOU AND ONLY YOU! Therefore, they will be made according to the info you choose, if you select the wrong size and it doesn’t fit, YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED OR DISCOUNTED OF ANY SORT! THERE ARE NO RETURN OR EXCHANGES ON CUSTOM PIECES, SO MAKE SURE TO MEASURE CORRECTLY!

HOW TO MEASURE FOR THE PROPER PIECES NEED? Grab a tape measure, inches side only…

For thigh beads: The part of your thigh you want your thigh beads to sit (in inches ONLY)

For connector: The length from your waist bead to the part of your thigh you want/need your thigh beads to list (in inches ONLY) 

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